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Infinitely Small

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Infinitesimal (adj): Immeasurably or incalculably minute.

xinfinitesimalx is a support community for those with eating disorders. This community does not claim to be pro-anorexia, nor is it aiming to "convert" people into having eating disorders. Eating disorders are serious mental disorders. This community is simply a place for those who already have an eating disorder to find support, acceptance, and friends.

If you do not have an eating disorder you do not belong here and you will not be accepted as a member. Eating disorders are not about "losing a few pounds", they are not just about being thin. They are not something to be dealt with lightly.

Membership at xinfinitesimalx is moderated. This is to ensure that all members are kept safe and to keep an element of privacy. It is to ensure that those who join this community truly belong here. Anyone with intelligence that is eating disordered is more than welcome to join.

If you would like to join, please do the following:

1) EMAIL your application to: xinfinitesimalx@yahoo.com with your username for Livejournal in the subject line.

2) Click "join this community" at the top of this page.

Once the mod has had a chance to review your application (normally within a few hours or less) you will be accepted into (or rejected from) the community. Livejournal should send you a notification of your acceptance.

Once you are accepted, please post your application to the community so that the other members can get to know you as well! Also help keep the community growing and place one of our banners in your userinfo.

Please copy and past the application as is...do not change any of the HTML, etc.

To join, you must be the age of 15 or over. Sorry!

1) Post an application upon joining.
2) Be respectful of other members. Debates and arguments are allowed, but please be civil and rational.
3) You may post pictures, but please put large pictures behind an LJ-cut.
4) Thinspiration is allowed, and encouraged, but please know the difference between nudity and porn. Do not post pictures of yourself nude if you are 18 and under. This is against Livejournal policy.
5) Do not promote other communities unless given specific permission by one of the mods.
6) When posting material that may be triggering/offensive to some, please put a warning and post the material behind an LJ-cut.
7) Feel free to submit any banners, icons or promos you have made for the community's use.
8) Please do not use netspeak (tYpIn LyKe DiS), if you want to be taken seriously, please post in an understandable manner.
9) Please use the proper names for diseases. Anorexia, not "ana". Bulimia, not "mia". If you use these names, you will be banned. No questions asked.
10) Use good judgement and common sense. Help keep this community friendly, intelligent, and supportive.


Basically what I say goes. This is my community, if I don't like you then I'm going to ban you. If you piss me off, I'm going to ban you. Follow the rules and don't start crap in my community or with me.

If you have any problems/questions/comments/ideas feel free to contact me by sending an email to xinfinitesimalx@yahoo.com. Do not contact me on my personal journal about community-related issues.

The following are links to the official criteria for all eating disorders. Please use these when self-diagnosing. If you do not meet the criteria for an eating disorder, you do not have that eating disorder. End of story. Please use your current status to determine which eating disorder you have. Your status from a year ago does not matter today.

If you need further information on any of the following eating disorders or diagnosing yourself, please contact the mod.

Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Eating Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (ED-NOS)
Anorexia Athletica/Compulsive Exercising
Binge-eating Disorder (BED)
Compulsive Overeating
Sleep-eating Disorder (SED)
Night-eating Syndrome (NES)
Bigorexia/Muscle Dysmorphia

Congrats to x_feather_x for winning THE APRIL CHALLENGE! Enjoy your two months of paid-livejournal time! =)

Currently, xinfinitesimalx is running month-long challenges for all members to join in on. Keep a look out in this section for the rules for each new challenge. The June Challenge can be found here.

Besides the monthly challenges, there is also:

New challenge ideas are always welcome. Feel free to contact the mod if you have any ideas you'd like to see included in a challenge.

ed_positive - A community about staying positive, updating about triumphs and accomplishments rather than failures.

Basically, this is everything else that you might need for anything in this community. Banners, links to other websites, and links to other communities on Livejournal that may be helpful.