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This is a community designed to support those with eating disorders. Please read the entire userinfo before joining. Your mod is (Jenna).

The July Challenge

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This is a locked community.

Since a lot of people seem to have a problem with going to the userinfo and reading up on how to join...let me break it down right here:

1 - Read the userinfo. You need to read all of it. Especially the rules.
2 - Fill out the application.
3 - Email the completed application to xinfinitesimalx@yahoo.com. I screen all members, you will not be accepted if you don't send your completed application to xinfinitesimalx@yahoo.com. End of story.
4 - Click "join this community" at the top of the community's userinfo.
5 - Wait. I will look over your application and then decide whether or not you belong here. LJ will send you notification of your acceptance/rejection. I'm not unfair and most people get accepted. You're more likely to be accepted if you read the rules and understand what this community is about.

If all of this is too much work for you...then one, you're lazy...and two, you don't need to be here. Screening of new members is the best way possible to keep out trolls and people who do not have eating disorders. This community has been up for 7 months now and we've had VERY minimal problems because I don't let morons in.

-Jenna (MOD)

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